Kvann Kompagniet is a gastronomical micro company producing delicacies based on wild herbs from Greenland, Iceland and other Arctic areas. 

We develop and sell custom-made gin, aquavit, ale and delicacies such as bread snacks, hard candy, herbal tea, chutney and syrup with pure, Arctic nature added in: Wild angelica, Arctic thyme, ledum groenlandicum and greenlandic crowberries.

Plants and berries in the far North have a unique rich, deep and pure taste due to the short, sunny summers and the harsh growth conditions. They are undemanding survivors and have, for a thousand years, acted as medical plants and sustenance to native peoples, Vikings, monks and Norsemen.

The wild herbs and berries we use are handpicked in Greenland and Iceland by local people respecting the ecosystems. The herbs are airdried outdoors and the berries are carefully frozen in situ, before they are shipped to us directly. Everything is processed in Denmark. And everything tastes great – as pure and wild as the Arctic summer.

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Arctic Kvan aquavit

The ancient herbs of the Vikings

Greenland is a unique pantry filled with overlooked ressources. The wild herbs and berries have been used in cooking and for medicinal purposes all the way back to the days of the monks, the Norsemen and the Vikings.