Kvann Kompagniet is a gastronomical micro company producing delicacies based on wild herbs from Greenland, Iceland and other Arctic areas. 

Since 2012 we have developed and sold custom-made gin, aqua vitae, ale and delicacies such as bread snacks, hard candy, herbal tea, chutney and syrup with pure, Arctic nature added in: Wild angelica, Arctic thyme, ledum groenlandicum and Greenlandic crowberry. You can buy all of it in our web shop or from our dealers.

 Kvann Kompagniet pays homage to the Arctic regions and their hardy flora. Plants and berries in the far North have a unique rich, deep and pure taste due to the short, sunny summers and the harsh growth conditions. They are undemanding survivors and have, for a thousand years, acted as medical plants and sustenance to native peoples, Vikings, monks and Norsemen.  A cultivated plant like kvan is, from top to bottom, full of minerals and vitamins, especially C. Kvan has been almost forgotten – that is what we would like to change.

The wild herbs and berries we use are handpicked in Greenland and Iceland by local people respecting the ecosystems. The herbs are air dried outdoors and the berries are carefully frozen in situ, before they are shipped to us directly.

All our products are made in Denmark, following unique recipes. Our processes and products are, of course, food approved.

Kvann Kompagniet ApS is founded, owned and run by Marianne Bjerre in collaboration with co-owners Maria Lundén and Ulla Selfort. We have our base on a farm in Stenløse west of Copenhagen.